What is to be considered when buying pleats? (Plissee)

Pleats (also roller shade blinds) can hardly be bought as ready-made products, but most of the times are customized. Regarding shape, size and type of your window, different aspects should be paid attention to, since only in the fitting measures and fabrics, pleats can function perfectly and meet the desired decoration and functional requirements. This is why we strongly dissuade from buying cheap ready-made pleats from the DIY or the discounter.

It also has to be mentioned that pleats are less suitable for people who often change their flats, because a customized pleat can hardly ever be used for a different window but for that it was designed for. Nevertheless, one could have it adapted to the new window in height and width, what is likely to be as costly as producing a completely new one.

The complex system of rails and tension lines requires an exact measuring of the glass surfaces, where the way of mounting has to be taken into consideration as well. Especially special forms such as trapeze windows, gable windows or circular windows turn out to to be an unsolvable task for many customers, which makes an expert advice, either on the internet or in the furniture store recommendable and necessary.

There are different approaches towards the selection of the fabric. Either one does it according to color and design in the first step or one makes ones decision with regards to purpose and function of the fabric. Material properties such as reflection, transmission and absorption are crucial for how effectively the pleats can protect against sunlight and heat. Certain pleat fabrics are specially treated which makes them moisture-proof or as a hardly inflammable material fulfill the safety requirements in residences or companies. Furthermore, one should make up ones mind whether the pleats should be used more as a privacy-shield or as light protection. Because you can find pleat textiles from transparent to opaque, from translucent to dimming. (Sichtschutz; Sonnenschutz)

It is good to know that neither shape, size, position and type of the window nor the way of mounting and handling are crucial for the selection of the fabric. No matter if for the winter garden, for the bathroom, living room, for slope roof windows or large window fronts in the office only the desired protective function and your individual taste will decide here.

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